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Let us help you find the right rhinoplasty surgeon for you if you live in the Wellington area. There are some really top notch surgeons you can use.

So Just What Is The Procedure?

“Rhinoplasty” is a type of cosmetic surgical procedure which involves a set of techniques to correct and modify the nose. In other words, it’s the proper surgical name for what many people simply refer to as a ‘nose job’.

If only life were perfect and fair, we never have to worry about our appearance. But alas, people do care about how you look. And this bias can be much more dramatic in certain careers and professions. Just notice how many of today’s celebrities have dramatically improved their appearance by altering the shape of their nose. Appearance is important in the world we live in today.

There are basically two types of rhinoplasty: surgical and non-surgical. As you might guess, the non-surgical procedures use various types of injectable fillers and are not permanent while the surgical procedures once healed are there for life.

If you would like to investigate further whether either type of procedure might be what you are looking for, the next best step is to talk to a friendly cosmetic surgeon.

It’s the surgeons job to listen to your concerns, and then identify what is surgically possible to address them. They will explain to you what your options are, and what is involved with each one. You are under no commitment to proceed with any treatments, and can go away with all the knowledge you need to think over your options and reach a decision in your own time.

There is of course a recovery period involved with any cosmetic procedure, and this will vary depending on the treatment you agree on. But you will have the time to make arrangements to ensure you have the time and space to recover comfortably.

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